Kiln-Dried Wood for Your Outdoor Fire Pit

Ahhh, the outdoor fire pit – the place where far too much time is spent trying to light the fire, marshmallows are burnt, and your eyes burn from smoke billowing in your face. Doesn’t sound very pleasant, does it? What if we told you that it doesn't have to be like that? What if instead, you're hailed as the undisputed hero because you lit the fire on the first try, your fire produced barely any smoke, and cooked your marshmallows to golden-brown perfection? The secret to this fire of mythical proportions comes down to its key ingredient: kiln dried wood.

Kiln-dried fire wood has many known benefits for use in woodstoves or fireplaces, but there are also many benefits to use it in outdoor fire pits (both portable or stationary) as well.

Roasting Marshmallows with kiln dried wood


We all know the frustration of spending time and energy preparing your outdoor fire pit, selecting the right pieces of wood, making the perfect kindling pile, only to have your fire sputter out over and over again. With kiln-dried wood, fires light instantly due to the low moisture content in the wood.


Another noteworthy aspect of using kiln-dried wood in your outdoor fire pit is that you won’t smell so strongly like a bonfire afterward.  If the wood you're burning isn’t dried correctly, the excess moisture in it evaporates into smoke. Those particles float through the air, landing on your hair and clothes and can linger there for days. There's far less smoke when you burn kiln-dried firewood, and you'll leave the fire pit still smelling fresh.

minimal smoke

There’s nothing worse than when you're sitting around a fire and the wind suddenly changes direction. You get a face full of smoke, which forces you to move your chairs and wait to make sure the wind has made up it's mind before you sit back down. That annoyance is eliminated with kiln-dried wood. The low moisture content in kiln dried wood means little-to-no smoke and a much more enjoyable fire!

ultimate food enhancer

No outdoor fire pit gathering is complete without food. Whether you’re cooking hot dogs or making good old fashioned s’mores, there’s no fuel substitution for kiln dried firewood. Kiln dried firewood releases an even, clean heat that cooks your food to perfection and enhances the flavor with a hint of smokiness. On the other hand, seasoned firewood tends to give you an uneven, smoky heat that is more likely to burn your food and leave it with an overpowering bitter smoke flavor.

less to clean up

We know that being stuck in quarantine means you have all the time in the world to clean up the fire pit, but who really wants to?! Kiln dried wood – once ignited – will burn more efficiently and 35-45% hotter than seasoned firewood. This means you need less firewood to start with, and you end up with less ash and less clean-up.

pest free

Kiln-dried firewood is bug and disease-free. As a result of being heated to an internal temperature higher than 160 degrees for over an hour; insects, molds, and other organisms are destroyed. So, if you’re less than enthusiastic about having a hint of roasted termite or grubworm in your next s’ mores, kiln-dried firewood may be the way to go.


All joking aside, there are so many incredible benefits of kiln-dried firewood. It’s no surprise to us that it’s become our customer favorite! Call 906-250-6178 or click here to try it for yourselves. If you're still unsure if kiln-dried wood is worth it check out this blog post to learn more.