Why Choose Stone Hearth PREMIUM USDA CERTIFIED Kiln Dried Wood?

Stone Hearth Firewood is an Upper Peninsula Company through and through. Their story is rooted in generations of UP logging history dating back to 1979. As Certified Master Loggers who have been active in sustainable forest management practices since day one, the father/son team that comprises Stone Hearth Firewood are the logical choice to provide local residents with the best premium firewood on the market.

Why is kiln dried firewood a premium product when compared to traditionally seasoned wood? It lights instantly, burns up to 45% hotter, burns cleaner, and is bug and disease free. These qualities make it ideal for saunas, fireplaces, cooking fires, campfires, and some home heating situations.

For those who rely on firewood as their home heating source, we also have traditionally seasoned firewood ready to be delivered to you today. Contact us today to learn which option(s) is best for your needs. You'll be amazed at how a delivery from Stone Hearth Firewood will make your life easier, cleaner, and a whole lot warmer.

Kiln Dried Firewood

Stone Hearth Premium USDA Certified Kiln Dried Firewood is the proven choice for discriminating homeowners all across the Upper Peninsula. It's perfect for saunas, fireplaces, cooking fires and home heating. It lights instantly, burns up to 45% hotter, burns cleaner, and is bug and disease free.

Delivered To Your Door

As the Upper Peninsula's premiere kiln dried wood company, we are happy to deliver direct to your home or business. Our primary delivery area is the Marquette County area. However, we are happy to make special arrangements to deliver to surrounding counties. Just ask us today!


Why should you choose USDA Certified Kiln Dried Firewood from Stone Hearth?

Because our premium firewood will light faster, burn hotter, and burn cleaner every time. Guaranteed!

Ready to Learn More?

Are you wondering if kiln dried firewood from Stone Hearth would benefit you? Contact us today! We can answer all of your questions and are always here to help.