From the lush green of Upper Peninsula forests to the warm glow of your fireplace, Stone Hearth Firewood’s entire kiln-drying process is designed to ensure you have Premium USDA Certified firewood that will light faster, burn hotter, and burn cleaner every time. Guaranteed!


Our Kiln-Drying Process

The process of kiln-drying requires a subtle combination of art and science. Water content in a freshly cut tree — or “green wood” — constitutes over 50% of the wood’s weight. While wood left to dry naturally can take months to years to dry completely, the Stone Hearth process takes only three days because of the use of this modern wood-drying technique.

Not only is the timeline drastically shortened with the use of a kiln, but the process of kiln-drying wood also removes the buildup of mold or other contaminants that you can find on naturally dried or seasoned firewood. Many of the organisms and growth living in or on wood cannot survive the kiln drying process. This means that your firewood leaves the kiln a virtually immaculate finished product, perfect for use in your home or restaurant. You can rest easy knowing that your kiln-dried firewood is not only safe to store indoors, but will burn evenly and efficiently – every time.


Firewood Selection

Step 1: Selection

Stone Hearth’s process is tailored to ensure we bring you only the highest quality kiln dried and seasoned firewood to warm your home. This process begins right here in our local forests where we start by carefully selecting the right hardwoods.

Clean Firewood

Step 2: Harvesting

Once we select the perfect logs, the next step is to harvest them. Stone Hearth Firewood is careful to use responsible forest management practices during the selection and harvesting of firewood. This ensures that our U.P. forests will remain healthy and vibrant for generations to come.

Splitting Firewood

Step 3: Splitting

Before we can load firewood into the kiln, we first cut and split the logs. This not only helps the logs dry faster, but makes the size more manageable.

Kiln Drying Process

Step 4: Kiln-Drying

Green firewood is then loaded into our state-of-the-art firewood kiln, the kiln's temperature is set to 200° Fahrenheit, and the wood bakes for 72 hours straight. Drying the wood at these settings minimizes dimensional changes to the wood pieces and allows for an even dispersement of water as it leaves the wood.

USDA Firewood Inspection

Step 5: Inspection

Before it can be sold, our firewood must first pass a careful inspection to ensure that it will meet the highest standards every time. Not all kiln dried firewood is created equal. Our inspection process is more rigorous than most since our kiln dried firewood has been USDA Certified to be pest and disease free. Our equipment and process have met or exceeded the USDA's requirements to receive the USDA APHIS seal for firewood that can be moved across jurisdictional borders. And, it is not subject to "Do Not Move Firewood" restrictions. What does this mean for you? It means you will receive a clean, consistent product every time.

Firewood Delivery

Step 6: Packaging & Delivery

Once bought, you can either arrange to pick your firewood up from our yard or we can deliver it right to your front door. After this - it's all up to you! Whether you plan to cook prize-worthy pizza, heat your hearth with the warm glow of a fire, or light a bonfire to complete the perfect night under the stars, you'll come to fall in love with Stone Hearth's kiln dried firewood.


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