Is Wood Fuel a Green Energy Resource?

Wood fuel is one of the most economical and sustainable ways to heat our homes in the UP winters or enjoy a steamy sauna swim in the summertime. Let’s take a more in-depth look at why and how it can be a green energy source.

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How Is Wood Fuel Environmentally Friendly?

Firewood is environmentally friendly for two main reasons. Consider how fossil fuels such as oil, gas, or coal take millions of years to produce with no way to replenish them once they're burned. Now consider how long it takes for a tree to mature enough before we can use it for wood fuel (20+ years).  The timescale for producing wood is significantly short, making it more environmentally friendly than many other options out there.

The second main reason firewood is environmentally friendly is that when wood fuel is managed in an ecological way – such as in a closed carbon cycle – there is no net increase in atmospheric CO2. What does this mean? As trees grow, they consume carbon, and it’s only released back into the atmosphere when the tree is burnt or when it reaches the end of its life cycle and begins to decompose. With the carbon cycle, young trees vibrantly grow, absorbing the carbon at the same time carbon is being released from burned wood.

Is Using Wood Fuel Economical?

If you are using stoves from the 19th century or even the 20th century, we would argue that using wood fuel wouldn’t be an economical way to heat your home. But the EPA-certified stoves of today are surprisingly efficient and have exceptionally low emissions. Combine that with low moisture content from kiln-dried wood or well-seasoned wood, and you have a very efficient and relatively inexpensive way of heating your home all winter long. On a side note, don’t forget to save the mineral-rich ashes! Here are some useful ways to reuse leftover wood ashes.

Is Wood Fuel Sustainable?

Wood fuel can be sustainable if harvested and managed properly. For firewood to be sustainable, there must be a balance between our usage and the regeneration of the ecosystem. The wood fuel must be from a sustainable source. This means that it should be bought locally to be sure that it travels as little as possible. The firewood should come from a place where responsible forest management is practiced when harvesting firewood.

We Have the Right Firewood for You

At Stone Hearth, our kiln dried firewood ticks all the boxes as a green energy choice. Our process is tailored to ensure we bring you the highest quality firewood to warm your home while also carefully using responsible forest management practices to ensure that our U.P. forests remain healthy and vibrant for generations to come. To learn more about our process, click here. To place an order of kiln dried firewood, please call 906-250-1389.