Not all kiln dried firewood is created equal. For the sake of your convenience and for the sake of our nation's forests, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our equipment and process have met or exceeded the USDA's requirements to receive the USDA APHIS seal, which means our kiln dried firewood is safe to move across jurisdictional borders.

Our Kiln Dried Firewood is USDA Certified to be Bug, Mold & Disease Free.

Whether it's used to heat your home or sauna or to fuel a bonfire under the stars, firewood is a necessity for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, this firewood can sometimes pose a very real threat to our native forests. When not treated properly and USDA certified, firewood can carry invasive species like the Asian Longhorned Beetle, Emerald Ash Borer, or Gypsy Moth. These pests can wreak untold damage on our forests.

For this reason, organizations like APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services) and also some states have established quarantines and regulations that limit the movement of firewood. This helps prevent these species from spreading.


"Burn it where you buy it" has become the general rule when it comes to the transportation and usage of firewood. The only exception to this rule is heat-treated firewood that follows a legal compliance agreement to be heated to a certain core temperature for a specific amount of time.

The most common heat treatment standard is 60 minutes at 140º F, because this is the approved heat treatment level for Emerald Ash Borer. However, some states require a higher heat treatment level than the treatment standard for firewood leaving an Emerald Ash Borer quarantine area. The one certification that covers all regulations is the USDA APHIS certification. Firewood with this seal (pictured right) is considered safe to move across jurisdictional boundaries.

Here at Stone Hearth Firewood, we hold ourselves to the highest standard for the sake of our customer's convenience, and for the sake of protecting our local and national forests. Our equipment and process have met or exceeded the USDA's requirements to receive the USDA APHIS seal for firewood that can be moved across jurisdictional borders. Therefore our kiln dried firewood is not subject to "Do Not Move Firewood" restrictions. What does this mean for you? This means you will receive consistently clean kiln-dried firewood every time – free from pests and diseases. This also means you're free to take it on your next camping trip, whether it's near home or across state borders.


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