Essential Tips for Firepit Safety

Whether you plan to have a fire in the pit in your backyard or plan on going camping, here are some fire pit safety tips to remember as you celebrate the last rays of summer.



The first step in fire pit safety is selecting the right location. Select a spot where the ground is level and clear all ground debris away. It’s not very comfortable or easy to enjoy the fire when sitting on a rocky slope. Keep it at least 10 feet away from surrounding buildings and low hanging tree branches. These can easily ignite from flying sparks.

Surround your pit with non-combustible materials such as stone, sand, or bricks to take further precautions for preventing a fire from spreading. If your pit is temporary, it's a good idea to dig a hole in the ground and surround it with rocks. This will help keep the fire from spreading if it accidentally gets too large.


Fuel Source

A second important – and often overlooked – rule of thumb is to beware of the different types of wood you are burning.

Softwood like pine, cedar, or spruce produce more sparks than hardwood such as oak, hickory, maple, or walnut. The crackling and popping from a softwood fire may sound cozy, but these are the kinds of fires that send burning coals flying into the area outside of your fire pit. Suddenly it's not so cozy when you get hit with a burning coal in the leg!

Make sure your hardwood has been seasoned for at least six months. Green wood gives off a ton of smoke and it's hard to enjoy a conversation around a fire when you're choking in between words! Also, avoid burning construction materials, plywood, or pallets, as they are known to release toxic fumes.


Watch Young Children

Always keep a very close eye on young children by a fire. Accidents of kids tripping and falling into the fire can happen in just a few short seconds. So please never leave young children unattended at the fire pit. Toddlers seem to be a magnet for trouble, but a protective screen over the fire pit can help keep your toddler safe. This goes for pets as well!


Never Leave a Burning Fire Unattended

As your fire begins to die down and there’s nothing left but embers, it's easy to think that your fire is safe to leave unattended. The truth is that all it takes is a bit of oxygen, and a flying ember can spark a wildfire instantly. It is best to play it safe and always extinguish the fire before leaving. You can do this by dowsing it with a water bucket or using sand to snuff it out. If you plan on using the fire pit the next day, you can instead sprinkle water on the hot coals and stir until the embers are all gone. This will keep your pit from being waterlogged and it'll be ready to use the next day.


Follow these simple safety tips when around the firepit, and you’ll have a carefree, safe time. Looking for FDA certified kiln-dried wood? Call 906-250-9834 or Order Online to order today.