Chimineas vs. Fire Pits

Both chimineas and fire pits are great options to add aesthetic beauty to your garden or patio and to add a little warmth on a chilly evening. So how do you choose between the two?

Fire pits have become increasingly popular for outdoor living. Typically they’re made of pre-cast concrete, metal, or stone and consist of an open container (like a dish or bowl) that’s mounted on a stand. The fire is contained at the bottom and partially up the sides, but open at the top. The size of fire pits can vary from 24” to 40”, or even larger.

Chiminea is Spanish for 'chimney.' These are also popular. They are freestanding, front-loading outdoor fireplaces or ovens that contain a vertical vent (or chimney). Chimineas are great for adding warmth on a cold evening and can also be used as a BBQ.

There’s no way to say that one of these options will be right for everyone, and this decision will come down to your personal preference. Weigh up the pros and cons of each, and you’ll come to the perfect choice for you.

Fire Pit Versus Chiminea

Fire pit


  • Because they’re open all around, you get heat radiating on all sides.
  • Can burn regular-size logs and produce larger fires.
  • Provide warmth, entertainment, and a focal point in an outdoor living space.


  • The smoke from a fire pit isn’t directed and can get irritating depending on which way the breeze is blowing.
  • More work to clean up (unless you have a lid.)



  • The fire is contained and any smoke goes directly up the vent, which prevents smoke from occurring on your patio.
  • Can be used as a BBQ.
  • Provide warmth, entertainment, and a focal point in an outdoor living space.


  • Heat radiates only on the side that’s open.
  • Typically are small, which means you’ll get a smaller fire and less warmth.

Regardless of which of these you choose, you can limit the smoke and the mess you have to clean up if you use the right kind of fuel. Kiln-dried hardwood is consumers' top choice for both of these styles because of its low moisture content of 10-15%. Plus it gives you a longer-lasting and cleaner burn with little smoke.

Stone Hearth has kiln-dried hardwood campfire bundles available and ready to make your next get-together with friends or family a cozy and unforgettable evening to remember! To place an order over the phone call 906-250-1389 or 906-250-6178, or order here.