4 Ways to Resourcefully Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Now that Christmas is over and the holiday decorations are put away, there’s one thing left to do: figuring out what to do with your Christmas tree. Try something different this year instead of throwing it out! Here are four great ways you can reuse or recycle your Christmas tree.

Old Christmas Tree

Compost It

One of the best ways to reuse your Christmas tree is to mulch or compost it. The leftover nutrients in the wood will keep your outside trees or garden veggies healthy and vibrant when summer rolls around. Christmas trees are great for enhancing the PH level of your soil.

Outdoor Firewood

Dry your tree out over the spring and use it as firewood for your outdoor uses. Just remember to keep the wood separate from your regular woodpile. Evergreen trees are very flammable because of their sap, and creosote buildup from burning sap can cause problems when you try to burn it indoors.

Use the Leftover Ash

Once the tree has burnt down to a pile of ashes, let the ashes cool over a few days. Next, spread some of the ashes on the soil of both your indoor and outdoor plants. Wood ash contains many minerals that help plants thrive. Check out this article if you're curious about other ways to use leftover ash.

DIY Project

Set your tree out in the backyard to dry and cure. When summer rolls around, use the tree for fun DIY projects. From wood coasters to Christmas tree ornaments for next year, the options are endless.


For those of you who recycle and reuse your tree, how do you plan to recycle your Christmas tree this year? If you aren’t recycling or reusing your tree yourself and are local to Marquette county, the city lists drop-off sites here.