How to Turn Your Fire Pit Into a Wood Fired Grill

Wood is undoubtedly the best option for grilling. Not only does it bring out the inner survivalist in all of us and makes us feel like true chefs, but there’s something satisfying about being fully engaged in the grilling process – tending the flames, harvesting the coals, and bringing your mouth-watering creation to the perfect finish.

By now most of you have heard of wood-fired grilling – the cooking trend that’s spread like wildfire throughout the US. If you’re not ready to drop the money on a wood-fired grill yet, you can try this trend out right in your own backyard. It’s pretty easy to convert your backyard fire pit into a wood fired grill this summer, and we’ll show you a couple ways how!

Chefs around the world have embraced the exceptional flavor that wood-fired grilling lends to food. So why not at home? Fire pits are usually used as focal point for entertainment anyways. So instead of being stuck at the grill while everyone is visiting around the fire pit, you can be right in the action while you get your cooking done. Just be sure to use kiln dried wood as your fuel to get the best tasting and cleanest flavor.

Grill Grid fire-pit-grilling

Any type of food that can be cooked on a propane or charcoal grill can also be cooked over a fire pit. All you have to do is secure a grill grid over the top of your pit. It can be as simple as placing your grill grid right over the pit while using the sides of your fire pit as support, or you can also buy a grill grid made specifically for fire pits. These options are great because you can bring them camping as well. Amazon offers a lot of good options for adjustable grill grids.


If you’re looking for an option more versatile than a grill grid, you could take a look at some fire pit rotisseries.

Rotisseries are great for roasting food. These tools stand above a fire pit and the food is speared through a sturdy rod. You can either manipulate them manually with a handle, or by a motor that keeps the food turning to ensure your food is evenly roasted. Metal cook baskets are also a great option for food items that can’t be easily speared like fish or corn on the cob.




No matter which method you use to grill over the fire pit, your food is bound to be delicious and packed with flavor! Need some kiln dried wood for your fire pit? Give us a call at 906-250-1389 or order online today.