5 Ways to Stay Warm and Make Memories this Winter

Winter can be tough up here in Upper Michigan. Long winter grey skies, cold winds, and piles of white snow everywhere can have a person stuck inside for months at a time. If you are dreading this winter, then look no further. Here are five ways to stay warm and beat cabin fever.

young couple sitting by fireplace with their pet dog

Pull Out the Board Games

Put your electronics away and spend some time playing some good old-fashioned board games together! Playing games by the fires is one of the best ways to stay warm on a chilly winter night. You’ll be so engrossed in having fun with the games you’ll forget about the endless white snow.

Gather Around the Fire

Get out the blankets, make a hot drink, and gather around the fire and relax. Watch those flames dance and crackle. The camaraderie that happens gathered around the fire is like no other.

Try Making S’mores Inside

We typically think of s’mores as only something we do around the fire outside on a summer evening or camping. But if you have a fireplace or a wood stove, then grab the marshmallows. Graham crackers, chocolate, plates, and enjoy a taste of summer while cozied up in your home. Create lasting memories by telling stories as you enjoy your s’mores around the fire.

Make a Fort

If you have kids spend time reconnecting with your children by making a fort. Pro Tip: incorporate the fireplace or wood stove in the fort building. Create a fort where you can see the fire, so once it is built, you and your sidekicks can sit back and relax in the fort while enjoying the fire at the same time.

Start Baking

If you are in the mood to be more active. Pull out the mixing bowls and make one of your favorite desserts. Once done, of course, you’ll have to through a log on the fire, sit down and enjoy a piece of that hard work with a cup of fresh coffee.


Before you try one of these five ways to stay warm and beat cabin fever this winter, make sure you are stocked up on firewood. Contact us to make your order today.